Wipro Enterprises (P) Limited

About Us

Wipro Enterprises (P) Limited comprises of two main businesses namely Wipro Consumer Care, primarily into Personal Care products, Lighting solutions & Office furniture and Wipro Infrastructure Engineering business, which provides Hydraulic Solutions for a wide range of applications including Aerospace & Defense and complete end to end solutions in Water and Wastewater treatment for industrial applications.

Wipro Consumer Care (WCCLG), a part of Wipro Enterprises (P) Ltd, is among the fastest growing FMCG businesses in India. Wipro Consumer Care’s businesses include Personal wash products, toiletries, personal care products, baby care products, wellness products, electrical wire devices, Domestic and Commercial lighting and Modular office furniture. It has a strong brand presence with significant market share across segments in India, South East Asia and the Middle East.

The acquisition of Unza, Yardley and LD Waxsons has given Wipro Consumer Care a global footprint. Its key brands include Santoor (a Toilet soap brand with extensions in personal care), Chandrika, Glucovita Glucose powder, Northwest Switches, Enchanteur (a female toiletry brand), Romano (a male toiletry brand), Bio Essence (a skincare brand) and Yardley (a luxury toiletry brand).

Wipro Infrastructure Engineering specializes in designing & manufacture of custom built Hydraulic Cylinders (Double Acting, Single Acting and Telescopic), Actuators and Precision Engineered Components for infrastructure and related industries such as Construction & Earthmoving, Material/Cargo Handling and Forestry, Truck Hydraulic, Farm & Agriculture, Mining, and Aerospace & Defense. Wipro Infrastructure Engineering is the largest independent hydraulic cylinder manufacturer in the world, delivering around 2 million cylinders to OEMs in different geographies. Apart from the above it also has a platform offering end-to-end solutions in Water and Wastewater treatment for industrial applications, catering to industries such as Oil & Gas, Steel, Power, Pharma & Chemical to name a few.

Wipro Enterprises (P) Limited has two joint ventures namely:

  1. Wipro GE Healthcare Private Limited
  2. Wipro Kawasaki Precision Machinery Private Limited